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Sprint! Editor

Sprint! is a (independent) spiritual successor to the widely popular CodeRunner application for Mac. Its goal is to bring many of the features that made CodeRunner such a great application to the Windows platform.



Sprint! is a complete open-source application built upon Electron, and thus is hackable to its core. Missing a feature you want, or the syntax themes lacking? Every inch of this editor is open to modification.

Run Code in Numerous Languages

Sprint! serves as the perfect prototyping application for numerous supported languages. No need to worry about saving your code or its complication, all of it is built into the editor.

Code Templates

Quickly get coding without need to write any main functions or setup code.

More Features Coming Soon

More features are planned for the future. If you have an idea or hack that you would love to see in everybody’s editor, please submit a pull request or issue!

Current Language Support